Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dystopia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dystopia - Essay Example In this urbanized society of chaos, fear is used as a way of coercing the collective will of its citizenry. Some of these fears include globalization, fear of aliens (earthly and otherwise), fear of immigrants, and a fear of loss of cultural identity. Other elements that contribute to the dystopic state are: widespread acts of violence within the working classes, and a dummy government that is utterly incapable of restoring any law and order. The escalating anarchy is related to the densely populated urban settings, the predominant of which is Los Angeles. The above mentioned characteristics of urban life in 2019 America may not have all elements of a dystopian state manifest in it. But, there is enough chaos, anarchy, disorder and violence to classify this environment s a dystopian one. On the other hand, the dystopia depicted in the movie Brazil is not so much an anarchic one as it a totalitarian one. It has resonances with the George Orwell’s dystopia of 1984 – an impotent bureaucracy, prompt action against dissenters and a highly commercialized culture where elevated human values are of no positive consequence. To top this state of civil decay, the totalitarian government is also inhuman and inefficient. The people feel hopeless and have no option other than subordinating themselves for the interests of the state. The constant surveillance of people keeps the whole society on an edge, making violent civil outbreaks a frequent occurrence. The violations against basic rights are so profound that protestation as a concept does not even arises among the people. In both the cases of fiction, the natural conditions for a psychologically healthy living are not provided to the people by the state. Hence, they resort to violent and unethical ways of finding some respite. In both the movies, terrorism is shown as a ever growing phenomenon. More disturbingly, its prevalence is so profound that the people have

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